• For the comfort of all our guests, you should be in good health and free from heart, breathing, back, knee, neck problems or other conditions that could be aggravated by this Haunted house.

  • Expectant mothers, persons with Epilepsy should NOT enter.

  • Child under the age of 10 may enter but must be with a parent or guardian. This haunted house is scary and some children may find it overwhelming.

  • This Haunted House will provide special exits for those experiencing difficulties during the tour.

  •  No running in Haunted House.

  • DO NOT touch, hit or fight the actors in return they won't touch you.  please refrain from touching the props and animatronics.

  • No smoking in Haunted House.

  • This Haunted House will be using the following special effects.

                                          Strobe Lighting
                                          Black lights
                                          Fog effects
                                          Lasers effects
                                          Sound effects

  • We have tried to make this Haunted House a safe place for you to enjoy but when you enter this Haunted House you do so at your own risk, this is to protect us from any legal actions.
                                       Thank you for your cooperation.


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